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The Moultrie County Jail was built in 1911.

There have been no renovations to the jail since it was constructed.

The detention area contains 11 cells and a dormitory for work-release detainees. A small processing area also houses the control room for telecommunications and dispatching and also serves as the public waiting room for visitors. The jail is currently staffed by 7 full-time correctional / telecommunications officers.

The old jail structure was not energy efficient. The detention area consists of solid load bearing masonry walls with concrete floors and roof . The administrative area consists of load bearing exterior masonry walls with wood stud and plaster interior walls and a wood roof assembly The structure has very little insulation and is difficult to heat due to the lack of insulation, infiltration and conduction through the structure.

There is little protection for this structure from outside attack. The overall arrangement of the building, its proximity to the street and the lack of adequate security details makes it vulnerable if an all-out assault were to be attempted.

The exterior exercise area is not secure. The arrangement of the present security fence and the proximity of the present radio tower to the building could jeopardize the security of this area.

The old jail building was not accessible for public, staff or inmates. The entrances are not accessible; there is no vertical circulation to individual floors of the building; and accessible toilets are not provided.

The control room is not secure. It is open to the booking area and visitors waiting area which presents a major security risk. The arrangement of the control room/dispatching area is too small for efficient use and cannot accommodate more than one person. There is inadequate space for equipment, records and circulation.

The booking area is located adjacent to the control room with inmate processing performed in the adjacent security vestibule and converted cellblock area. The booking area is too small, is very congested and is poorly arranged. The booking process must take place in separated areas, which increases the risk of an incident occurring during this process. On occasions, arrestee's must be held in other areas as the booking process is completed. In some instances they must be handcuffed to desks and/or other furnishings. This booking area is also used as a waiting area for visitors, which limits its use; exposes equipment to tampering; and increases the supervision requirements when visitors are present.

The old Booking/Processing Area serves as a security vestibule separating the security and public areas. This arrangement causes congestion and confusion during the booking process and jeopardizes the security of the entire facility

The security locks are in poor condition and are difficult to repair.

The cellblocks are separated into three different areas and do not allow adequate segregation of inmates. The cells on each of the two main cellblock areas are in one enclosure and therefore have limited segregation capability. One of the cells in each of the cellblock areas utilizes the same shower, which is located in one of the dayrooms.

The dormitory for work release inmates does not meet current jail standards. There is approximately 177.8 sf in the dorm area for four inmates. The standards require 50.0 Sf per inmate plus 35.0 sf per inmate for dayroom use. No dayroom is currently available

The sizes of the cells and their configuration do not meet Jail Standards. They are approximately 37.8 sf in size where the standards require 50.0 sf per cell. The cells are constructed with steel cell walls and grating and cannot easily be changed.

The day rooms do not meet the requirements of the Jail Standards for size and arrangement. They currently have approximately 31.9 sf per cell where the standards require 35.0 sf. per cell. There is not sufficient space in the cellblock area to increase this size.

The arrangement of showers in cellblock areas severely limit segregation of inmates according to required classifications. There is only one shower per cellblock area on each floor.

Holding cells and/or isolation rooms are not available to assist the staff in the booking process.

The overall arrangement and limitations of the original structure along with the evolution of the various operations over the years, have combined to produce the detention facility that is present today. Many of the current functions have been fit into existing spaces as well as could be managed, but few of the spaces available are adequate to house current day requirements.

A small converted cell block area adjacent to the booking/processing area is utilized as an area to store inmate personal property; a toilet/shower area; a medical exam area; a strip search area; and a staging area for linens. This area is too small for all of the functions listed and affords no privacy for strip searches or medical exams.

Most of these functions need to be separated into individual spaces.The operations were in many cases compromised to allow this adjustment. This seems to be the case in many instances in the present facility. For the most part, the present facility is not an efficient tool for the staff; it has a number of security issues that should be addressed; and it is not a facility that can be easily maintained.

Structural problems with the north and east walls of the detention area will need to be investigated. The walls appear to be separating from the floor structure. Following an investigation to determine the cause of this movement, corrective measures will need to be employed.

Windows in cellblock areas are in poor condition and need to be replaced. The present windows allow excessive infiltration during cold weather and do not allow adequate ventilation during the summer.

The old building was constructed around 1911 and was designed as a residence for the Sheriff and included the present detention area located to the rear. The facility is no longer utilized as a residence and has been converted for use as the administrative area for the Sheriffs department. Its configuration is not conducive to efficient use as office space and does not provide adequate space for most of the functions necessary in the operation of the department.

The arrangement of secretarial area is inadequate in size and arrangement. The layout of the space is not efficient and traffic flow is disruptive to the Secretary

The public waiting area is too small and should be separated from main office/secretarial area.

Patrol officers must share desk space with other staff for report writing and other record keeping. Inadequate space is provided for records and equipment. There is no dedicated locker area for the staff.

Interviews must be conducted in offices or the conference room. The areas utilized for this function are not designed for this purpose.

The office area does not have adequate file or storage space.

Toilet facilities for the administrative area do not meet plumbing code or accessibility requirements. Both men's and women's toilet facilities are required and both need to be accessible.

The heating and ventilation systems are antiquated and inefficient. The old heating system has poor controls; the ventilation is inadequate; and a large part of the building is not air conditioned. Expansion of the facility would require a complete replacement.

The electrical system serving the building is inadequate. The electrical service size is too small; adequate receptacles are not available; and lighting is inadequate in most areas. Any expansion of the facilities would require the service to be replaced.


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