Moultrie County Detention Center & Sheriff’s Office

1505 West Hagerman Road, Sullivan IL 61951 | 217-728-4386


F.O.I.A Information

Public act: 9600542

“Freedom of information act”

(5 ILCS 140/4) Display of information

Moultrie County’s Public Information Officer:

Moultrie County State’s Attorney Jeremy Richey

10 South Main

Sullivan, IL 61951

Moultrie County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officers:

Sheriff Chris Sims

1505 W. Hagerman Rd.

Sullivan, IL. 61951

Sgt. Gary D. Carroll

1505 W. Hagerman Rd.

Sullivan, IL. 61951

The Public may request information and public records by providing a written request to one of the FOIA Officers or any employee of the County. Section 6 of the FOIA allows a maximum fee of .15 per standard page copied after the first 50 copies.

The Moultrie County Sheriff’s Office is a full service Office, providing basic court related services such as keeping the county jail, transporting prisoners, providing courthouse security and other duties with regard to service of process and summonses that are issued by the County and State Courts. The Sheriff also conducts public auction sales of real property. Along with being an extension of the Courts, the Sheriff’s Office performs all of the traditional Law Enforcement functions, including countywide patrol and investigations irrespective of municipal boundaries. The Moultrie County Board determines and provides an annual Budget to operate the Sheriff’s Office. The FY 2009/2010 budget is $1,093,480.00. The Sheriff’s Office employs 9 full time Deputy Sheriff's, 13 full time Correctional officers, three part time Correctional Officers and one civilian employee. The Sheriff is fully responsible for the operation of this Elected Office.


1. Administrative manuals, procedural rules, and instructions to staff, unless exempted by subsection 7(1)(p) of the Act. Law enforcement generated reports, jail records;

2. Substantive policy;

3. Statements and interpretations of policy which have been adopted by a public body;

4. Final planning policies, recommendations, and decisions;

5. Factual reports, inspection reports, and studies whether prepared by or for the public body;

6. All information in any account, voucher, or contract dealing with the receipt or expenditure of public or other funds of public bodies;

7. The names, salaries, titles, and dates of employment of all employees and officers of public bodies;

8. Applications for any contract, permit, grant, or agreement except as exempted from disclosure by subsection 7(1)(g) of the Act;

9. Each report, document, study, or publication prepared by independent consultants or other independent contractors for the public body;

10. All other information required by law to be made available for public inspection or copying;

11. Information relating to any grant or contract made by or between a public body and other public body or private organization.

12. Complaints, results or complaints, and Department of Children and Family Services staff findings of licensing violations oat day care facilities, provided that personal and identifying information is not released.

Moultrie County Sheriff Chris Sims

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